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Committee members: David Alison, Trevor Lund, Grey Seagar, Peter Harrison


David Alison 












David Alison has lived in Wood St for nearly 16 years. Over this time, he has observed many changes, fortunately many of these changes being for the better. However he has observed that most have occurred with little, or no consultation with residents. David is now very concerned that Freemans Bay is going to suffer as a result of the drive for the rapidly increasing intensification of Auckland. He is definitely not against development, but is very concerned that the essential historic character, and resulting community found in Freemans Bay, is given a fair consideration in the planning process for the future of the area. He loves the area – the vibrancy, the social mix, the proximity to the CBD, Ponsonby Rd and all its eclectic businesses. He is particularly fond of the mingled pockets of differing periods of Auckland’s urban development and thinks these must be preserved for the whole city’s benefit. David has a Bachelor of Commerce from Auckland University. He currently assists with the management of his family business. Prior to this he was involved in the property industry and so has a practical awareness of the Resource Management Act and the various areas of Council involvement in the day to day maintenance and development in a suburb’s life.David’s interests include skiing, yoga, fitness and he is passionate about ancient history. You will see him zipping around Freemans Bay on his scooter.