Social Housing

Housing supply and affordability and changes to the Resource Management Act (RMA)

There has been recent government announcements on changes to housing and the RMA which are proposed to make housing more affordable. See Auckland 2040 website:


There is a 2002 legacy agreement when Auckland Council sold pensioner housing to Housing NZ at 50% of book value on the grounds it was to be retained for pensioners i.e. Housing NZ purchased the Auckland pensioner housing for $53m instead of $101m

SPRING STREET PENSIONER HOUSING: While not included in the May tranche of Special Housing Areas and although Council has confirmed they are highly unlikely to reconsider it for an SHA, Housing NZ has not ruled out further consideration. To date it has not been reconsidered for an SHA

ANGLESEA STREET PENSIONER HOUSING: Housing NZ has requested through submission to the PAUP for Anglesea Street Pensioner housing to be upzoned to Terrace Housing and Apartment Building and to have the character overlay deleted. The PAUP panel recommendation which was adopted by council was that this site should remain as in the proposed plan ie single house zone

RYLE STREET PENSIONER HOUSING: Housing NZ has requested through submission to the PAUP for Ryle Street Pensioner housing to be upzoned to Mixed Housing Urban and to have the character overlay deleted. The PAUP panel recommendation, adopted by council supported the HNZ proposal and included two additional neighbouring properties.

These zoning changes are not supported as they (i) are at a late stage in the PAUP process with limited opportunity for response; (ii) do not consider the character nature of the surrounding properties; (iii) do align with previous 2002 agreements for use of these properties; and (iv)  have not considered the social implications for existing elderly tenants.

Prior to the PAUP panel recommendations, HNZ agreed to withdraw the ‘Terrace Housing and Apartment Building’ zoning request for:  (i) Properties in Freemans Bay which they no longer own; and (ii) Single house character villas they own in Freemans Bay which could not sustain development due to their small land size

 Pensioner Housing Complexes of Ryle Street, Spring Street and Anglesea Street: Housing NZ state they have no specific plans for these properties, but maintenance programmes are planned. There have been some improvements made at Spring St to date. They have also advised that the Expressions for Interest previously released for Spring Street in December 2013 has been officially withdrawn.