The Freemans Bay Residents Association (‘FBRA’), was incorporated 16 December 2013. The association supports the interests and welfare of residents living in Freemans Bay. This recognised character area has an eclectic mix of housing options including social housing (14%), townhouses, character cottages, villas and more substantive properties. At the borders of the suburb are apartment buildings and mixed use (low rise commercial/retail).

Inaugural meeting 3 December 2013: FBRA was formed after an inaugural meeting 03 Dec 2013, attended by 97 residents, following a pamphlet drop of all streets in Freemans Bay.

At the 03 December 2013 meeting, members were canvassed on their main local concerns and from this two major working groups were formed around the following issues: (i) Parking; (ii) the Proposed Zoning of 16 Spring Street Social Housing Complex in the Proposed Auckland Unitary Plan (‘PAUP’).

Freemans Bay Residents’ Association has a committee of up to 6 members.